For high-pressure, multi-stage pumps, Boulden has developed the patented PERF-Seal™ design to augment the performance of components made from Vespel® CR-6100 and B-Series composites.

The PERF-Seal® is an engineered pattern of holed drilled radially through a composite insert wear part. Due to the rotation of the pump and the differential pressure of the fluid across the part, the PERF-Seal® creates a beneficial field of turbulence to improve component performance and reliability.

Benefits of PERF-Seal™ Components

  • Reduces leakage across the component by up to 25% compared to a smooth bore component
  • Reduced leakage across components improves pump efficiency
  • Damping coefficient of components increased up to 4X compared to smooth bore components
  • Essentially no loss of hydraulic stiffness compared to smooth bore components
  • Cross coupling forces dramatically reduced—minimizing tendency for pump rotor to whip or whirl
  • Higher differential pressure capability across the composite components
  • Even greater pump reliability

Which components benefit from the PERF-Seal® design?

  • Throttle bushings
  • Center-stage bushings
  • Balance bushings
  • Pump wear rings

How to make the PERF-Seal®?

Share your application conditions and dimensions with Boulden and we can either supply you a machined part or supply a CAD drawing for you to fabricate the component in your own shop.

Contact Boulden and let us help you determine which material to Use

To know which material is right for your application request a quote today. Please be sure to include your pump data sheet and cross section when you contact Boulden. We will help you find the best fit for your pump. 



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