Boulden can help refineries with component upgrades for a wide range of rotating machines. Hydrogen recycle, wet gas, and air compressors can benefit from an upgrade to composite labyrinth seals, which can run with tighter clearance than aluminum seals. This simple change can improve compressor efficiency, either reducing operating costs or increasing throughput. Boulden designs, manufactures, and repairs custom engineered bearings. For machines where tilt-pad bearings are running hot or experiencing wear, we can supply custom-fit bearings to reduce operating temperature, increase load capacity, and reduce wear. We can design and manufacture custom oil housing seals to eliminate oil leaks. We can also help you assemble custom spare parts kit boxes for your critical machines to make turnaround planning easier.

With our materials solutions we have helped refineries upgrade pumps with composite wear rings in critical services like hydrocracker charge, diesel hydrotreater feed, reformer feed, and boiler feed. We can supply vertical pump shaft bearings for pumps in LPG, propane, and butane services, along with utility pumps like condensate and sump services. We have a range of composite materials and diamond bearings which can be used for agitator steady bearings and our materials can be considered for nearly any kind of product lubricated or non-lubricated bearing or bushing in your plant.

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