General Industrial



If you are in any type of fluid handling industry, Boulden supplies wear parts or bearings to improve the reliability of a wide variety of machines. Our material solutions have been used for pump wear rings in boiler feed, cooling water, and a wide range of chemical services. We have supplied bushings for pumps and agitators in abrasive wastewater streams and various paper-mixing applications. We can help with bushings in Archimedes screws, intake guide vanes, gear pumps, or basically any other type of product-lubricated or non-lubricated bearing or bushing.

For your bigger machines, we can make drop-in replacement Babbitt journal and thrust bearings which can run with higher loads, lower temperatures, and less wear. We can help eliminate oil leaks from your bearing housings with custom-designed oil housing seals. If the original wear parts or bearings in your rotating machines are not lasting as long as you would like, contact Boulden for help.

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