Boulden has established long-standing relationships with leading companies in a wide variety of industrial and energy-related end markets. We serve the people responsible for taking care of the pumps, compressors, turbines, agitators, and other rotating machines across the fluid processing industries.

We work with Rotating Equipment Engineers to: 

    • Increase compressor efficiency
    • Lower thrust bearing operating temperatures
    • Solve bad actor pump problems
    • Increase efficiency in your boiler feed and charge pumps
    • Extend journal and thrust bearing life
Plant Maintenance workers


On a day-to-day basis, Machine Shop Foremen, Service Center Managers, and Upgrade Engineers turn to Boulden for fast and reliable service. If you have a pump or other rotating machine in your shop, you can rely on Boulden for:

    • Fast delivery of materials to help get your pump back in service ASAP
    • Expert guidance on application, installation, design, and machining details
    • Responsive repair services and upgrades for babbitted journal and thrust bearings
    • Custom fabrication and design of components like oil housing seals
    • Creative solutions for a wide range of nagging machinery issues

OEM design engineers look to Boulden for broad application experience and outstanding service in supplying composite material components like pump wear rings, centrifugal compressor labyrinth seals, engineered tilt-pad bearings, vertical pump shaft bearings, and agitator bearings.

Whatever your role in the industry, if you are working on a project which requires best-in-class materials and components to improve reliability or efficiency, or if you need a solution for your bad-actor machines, we can help.

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