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Through our partnership with Metcar, Boulden supplies M-161 Babbitt impregnated carbon graphite and M-310 nickel impregnated carbon graphite materials for the pump industry. Boulden works closely with plant engineers to improve the reliability, efficiency, and safety of their machines. Metcar’s high-performing materials can help plant engineers solve pump problems over a very broad range of conditions including extremely high temperatures.

Metcar® Composite Materials

The M-161 and M-310 material grades are critical to the reliable operation of countless pumps in the utilities, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries. Carbon graphite is self-lubricating, so it can run dry in certain conditions without the need for grease or oil lubrication. Since there is no metallic attraction between carbon graphite and metal running surfaces, these M-161 and M-310 materials are not prone to galling or seizing, which is a known failure mode of other types of bearings.


Boulden stocks M-161 and M-310 for fast delivery

The M-161 and M-310 add to Boulden’s complete range of composite materials to address nearly any pumping condition in your plant. Contact Boulden today for service and technical support or to discuss which composite material is best for your application.

About Metcar®

Metallized Carbon Corporation has been supplying engineered carbon/graphite solutions for severe service lubrication to industrial customers worldwide since 1945. Under the trade name Metcar®, our unique family of solid, oil-free, self-lubricating materials have been under continuous development by Metallized Carbon Corporation for over seventy years.

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