With an increasing capacity from renewable energy, thermal power plant operation has changed. Plants that were once designed to run continuously are now required to cycle frequently. This puts extra loads on pumps and other machines. Boulden can help you manage this challenge.

Boiler feed pumps which cycle frequently have a greater risk of seizure at startup. Our material solutions can help you minimize the risk of seizure while making these pumps more efficient and reliable. We also have material solutions for the shaft bearings in condensate pumps, heater drain pumps, and cooling water pumps.

For your turbines, generators, and boiler feed pumps we supply a wide range of components. We can design and manufacture drop-in journal and thrust bearing replacements which can run with less wear, lower temperatures, and longer life. If you have oil leaks in any of your bearing housings, we can design and supply custom oil housing seals to eliminate oil leaks. We have also used our design and manufacturing capabilities to supply steam turbine packing, hydrogen seals, and other wear parts.

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