Through our partnership with US Synthetic and ChampionX, Boulden supplies polycrystalline diamond (PCD) bearings for the most abrasive process lubricated applications in the industry.  We will work with you to design a bearing that can deliver long life where other bearings fall short.

Consider the advantages of PCD bearings.  Diamond is widely recognized as the hardest known material for unparalleled abrasion resistance.  These bearings exhibit very low wear rates, even in the dirtiest, most abrasive operating environments.  Furthermore, PCD bearings are tough, with fracture toughness much higher than tungsten carbide or silicon carbide.  This extreme resistance is combined with excellent thermal conductivity, high load capacity, and a low coefficient of friction to make an ideal bearing material. 

US Synthetic bearings can be used in temperatures from cryogenic to over 400 C in nearly any process chemical.  The bearings do not require external flush or outside lubrication beyond the process fluid itself.

Typical applications are vertical pump shaft bearings, agitator bearings, and a wide range of radial and thrust bearings in abrasive liquids.  If you have a product lubricated bearing that isn’t lasting long enough, consider an upgrade to a US Synthetic diamond bearing.

Each bearing is custom designed and manufactured for your machine with a matched set of PCD inserts on both the rotating and stationary elements.  We supply radial bearings, thrust bearings, or combined bearings with both radial and thrust elements.  Contact Boulden today to discuss your application.

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