In 2021, Gulf Coast Bearing & Seal (“GCBS”) joined the Boulden group of companies bringing over 120 years of combined engineering and technical expertise in hydrodynamic Babbitted bearings and labyrinth seals for turbomachinery.   The business is a natural fit for Boulden and its customers, providing engineering support and upgrades that address the biggest challenges end-users face with all types of high-speed rotating equipment.  Our facility, located on the southeast side of Houston, Texas offers, features precision machining capabilities and the highest standards of quality assurance – with 24/7 coverage to support customers around-the-clock.  In a hurry, GCBS offers expedited service and emergency repairs on a short lead-time get your machine back up and running.   


For centrifugal compressors, GCBS designs and manufactures labyrinth seals – both stationary labyrinths and abradable designs. If you currently have stationary aluminum labyrinth seals, we can help you upgrade to composite labyrinth seals which can run with tighter clearances, increasing compressor efficiency and throughput.

We also design drop-in replacement journal and thrust bearings for your compressors, turbines, pumps, or motors. Our custom-engineered bearings can be designed to run with optimized fluid films along with other features to reduce bearing operating temperatures.  We can make further adjustments to reduce bearing wear, increase the load capacity, and extend bearing life.

If you suffer from oil leaks in a pressurized oil housing, we also design and manufacture custom seals to eliminate oil leaks, either to the atmosphere or into the motor.

Beyond these components, we supply a wide variety of wear parts for turbines, compressors, and generators. We can even help you assemble spare parts kit boxes for your critical machines to help your turnaround planning and execution.  Contact GCBS or Boulden to find out more.

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