Reliability • Efficiency • Safety

Reliability • Efficiency • Safety

Reliability • Efficiency • Safety

Reliability • Efficiency • Safety

Boulden’s objective is to help plant engineers with solutions they can use to improve the reliability, efficiency, and safety of their machines.

Vespel CR-6100

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Centrifugal Pump Materials and Components

Boulden is a global supplier of composite materials and machined parts for centrifugal pump and rotating equipment wear components. Our selection of components includes:

We can help you solve your centrifugal pump and other rotating equipment problems with upgrades to non-metallic wear rings and non-metallic bushings and bearings made from materials like DuPont™ Vespel® CR-6100Metcar® M-161 and M-310 and Boulden B-Series composite materials.

Improve Your Centrifugal Pump’s Performance and Reliability

When you use non-metallic pump casing rings, you immediately improve the ease of operation of your pumps. If you have a seized pump, upgrading to composite wear rings and composite bushings will essentially eliminate the risk of having the pump seized a second time. If you have a dry-running pump, non-metallic wear rings and bearings can often survive these conditions without failure and minimize the damage to your expensive pump components like impellers and casings. Likewise, nuisance issues like having a pump jammed up or galled during alignment and commissioning are eliminated.

Reduce Pump Failure and Increase Pump Efficiency

Because the risk of pump seizure is essentially eliminated, pump wear ring clearance can be reduced. This increases the Lomakin Effect and overall pump performance. Increased Lomakin Effect stabilizes the pump shaft and reduces the risk of centrifugal pump shaft failure. Reducing wear ring clearance improves pump efficiency, which can either reduce pump power consumption or increase the pump flow rate and increase pump head.

Discuss Your Centrifugal Pump Needs with the Experts at Boulden Today

If you want to improve your pump reliability, contact Boulden today. We can advise how non-metallic wear rings can improve the reliability of your machines, advise you on the correct material selection, help you design the upgrade, and supply material or machined parts with rapid delivery.

We have the high-performance composite materials you need. Our materials are in-stock and ready for you to upgrade your centrifugal pump today.

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