Water & Waste Water



Wastewater plants are critical infrastructure for both municipalities and industrial sites. From raw water intake, storm and flood water overflow, screening and pretreatment to clarifying, aeration, digesting and disinfection, treatment plants rely on rotating machines.

Boulden can help keep your machines running more reliably with longer maintenance intervals. Our material solutions and component upgrades are used for clarifier bearings, pump bushings, agitator and mixer bearings, and pump wear rings. We have a wide portfolio of materials which can stand up to the toughest chemical and abrasive conditions, delivering long life.

Process machines like clarifiers often rely on sealed, lubricated ball bearings to function. If the bearing seals leak, the lubricant becomes contaminated, bearing corrosion begins, and bearing life is dramatically reduced. Boulden can help switch lubricated ball bearings to self-lubricated or process lubricated bearings which will stand up to the process fluid, eliminating the need to rely on bearing seals and lubrication systems.

Other machines like mixers, agitators, and pumps rely on product-lubricated bearings and bushings. Premature wear of these components leads to repairs and process machines being taken off-line. Our engineered materials dramatically improve the life of these machines, helping to keep your plant running. Whichever machines are giving you headaches, if there is a bearing or bushing in a rotating machine that is causing problems for your plant, contact Boulden today.

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