Midstream Oil & Gas



For many years, pipeline operators have relied on Boulden to help upgrade pumps along their product pipelines. Upgrading to composite wear rings improves pump efficiency and reduces the operating cost of these pumps. Gas plants have upgraded NGL shipping pumps, amine pumps, and utility pumps like boiler feed water to composite wear rings for improved reliability and efficiency. Our material solutions can be used to improve the reliability of nearly any kind of product-lubricated bushing or bearing in your plant.

Upgrading propane refrigeration compressors and other gas compressors with improved labyrinth seals is another excellent way midstream operators can improve plant efficiency and throughput. If your compressors use stationary aluminum seals, these can be replaced with composite labyrinths which can run with tighter clearance resulting in improved compressor efficiency.

Boulden also designs, manufactures, and repairs custom engineered bearings. For machines where tilt-pad bearings are running hot or experiencing wear, we can supply drop-in replacement bearings to reduce operating temperature, increase load capacity, and reduce wear. We can design and manufacture custom oil housing seals to eliminate oil leaks. We can also help you assemble custom spare parts kit boxes for your critical machines to make turnaround planning easier.

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