The Boulden B-Series is a family of composite materials developed so that OEMs, repair shops, and end users can apply composite material wear parts across the broadest range of machines possible. This family of materials provides flexibility in part geometry, design, and service conditions, combined with Boulden’s 20 years of experience applying composite materials to rotating machines.

As an example, Boulden has spent the past several years testing composite materials to develop formulations for use in dirty process streams. This extensive testing program has resulted in the materials B-920 and B-1050 which can be used in dirty process streams across a wide range of temperatures and chemicals.

Boulden B-1050 Water Intake Bearings


With our B-835 material, we supply carbon-filled PEEK components with a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) virtually identical to the metal parts in the pump. This makes the parts easier to design, easier to install, and more reliable than composites which have CTE values 3-4X higher than the metal parts in the machine.

Furthermore, our B-Series manufacturing allows production of diameters greater than 32” (800 mm), lengths up to 12” (300 mm) and custom radial wall thicknesses where required. We can accommodate an extremely wide range of part geometries to fit your machine.

We supply raw material or machined parts with the best service and deliveries you will find. We have a huge inventory of raw material ready to ship along with our own CNC manufacturing center where we produce parts with short lead times. We can work with you to find the right material for your application, produce design drawings, and supply either raw material or finished parts in a matter of days.

If you have a pump, agitator, or other rotating machine in your shop, and you need material quickly, contact Boulden today. We have a wide range of materials in stock and ready to ship. If you want your pump to be more reliable, easier to operate, and more efficient, contact Boulden to discuss an upgrade to composite material wear parts. We have materials that can handle almost any process condition and extensive machinery knowledge to make sure the upgrade is a success.

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